4 comments on “Fact-Checking The Universe

    • Well, you see, the Flavin Effect only applies in cases of extreme Sylvester Stallone involvement. That is because we all know that wherever he turns up his wife, Jennifer Flavin, is sure to follow. As far as I know the Flavin effect would only apply to this problem if Stallone were to somehow be the cause of the end of Earth’s rotation. If that were the case, Stallone would surely be the solution to the problem after a dramatic story takes place which would later be turned into a blockbuster action movie.

    • The only thing that could stop the earth abruptly would be a massive impact. It would take a huge asteroid the size of a small planet such as Mars in order to have enough energy to stop the rotation of Earth. However, such a large impact would have much more severe problems than stopping the rotation of the planet. The scenario was really an exercise in scientists’ “what if” part of their brain; my favorite part of the brain.

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