10 comments on “My Research Part 1: Brownian Motion

  1. Totally awesome explanation of Brownian motion. How come everyone who joined Dogic’s lab are freaking good teachers?

    • Thanks Kaushik! I think there are plenty of good teachers that went to other labs as well. But maybe Dogic subconsciously attracts people that take an active interest in teaching though. The main reason I started these posts is because it doesn’t feel right to just do research and not teach anybody anything. This is to itch the teaching bug when I don’t have to TA any courses.

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  5. You know, WJ, I was just sitting here thinking today, “What’s the big deal, so tiny things don’t sit still, does it matter?” And now you’ve set me straight! And if you live in a house with 2 young boys (like I do), the super ball thing happens most days, so I can relate to that 🙂
    Seriously, though, this description is super-easy to understand and very clear. You rock! Love you, cuz.

    • Thank you very much! I remember when I was in middle school my friends and I got a whole bunch of super balls and went into a small room (with nothing that could break) and just threw them everywhere. That is what inspired this post and my understanding of Brownian Motion. I am glad that your children are carrying on the super ball tradition.

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